Ford Project

ONIT was subcontracted to design a communication translation electronic control unit supporting multiple CAN protocols.  The project has been ongoing since 2010.  ONIT is responsible for developing the hardware specification and consulting on the software specification and diagnostics specification.  Consulting on the global body electronic controller Supplier’s validation test plans and roadmaps.  Troubleshooting technical software, system and hardware issues for vehicle builds and breadboard testing.  Manager Supplier’s delivery timing and all design changes.  Develop DFMEA for design and adhere to all quality processes.  Release parts in WERS and manage part number releases for End of Line and Job1 build.  Work with Global teams to achieve best of class quality and meet aggressive timelines.

Built for the Future with World Class Quality

ONIT identified and implemented a $1,000,000 dollar lifetime product cost savings for project and recognized by Ford Management for contribution to project.  Patent pending for new technology developed on project.

This innovative technology product has been one of our favorites to work on and look forward to the launch of this product.